How it Works
Affiliate ProgramCash In on Your Content in Another Way!
The popularity of digital content is exploding worldwide … and creating an affiliate program is a terrific opportunity to create another income stream around your video-based program.We make it easy to set up your own affiliate program that will help ensure your program is noticed by many more people.
online course platform
online course platform
How It Works
We will provide you with all the tools your affiliates will need - including a referral link and attractive banner ads, compelling articles, email promotions, text links, and a list of popular keywords.
Your affiliates can use as many or as few of these tools as they like. As an affiliate program member, visitors who click on one of their links will be tracked, and they will receive a commission (that you determine) on everyone who signs up for your program.
An Affiliate Program Offers Enormous Passive Income Potential!
With an army of affiliates, you can really get word out about your program. For example, your affiliates could place attractive banners on their websites. They could place attention-grabbing ads on search engines.They could also send out email promotions and more.
online course platform
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